Tropical Storm Odile To Bring Plenty Of Rainfall To The Southwest

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Tropical Storm Odile To Bring Plenty Of Rainfall To The Southwest

Late Sunday night, Hurricane Odile made its presence known across the Baja Peninsula, with path of extensive damage carved throughout Cabo San Lucas. Within the days that have since passed, Odile is now essentially on life support as it has really lacked much organization since having its energy ripped apart during its life on land.

Odile is currently a tropical storm with 50 mph sustained winds and moving northeast. Here is the latest NHC Advisory showing where Odile’s forecast path through Thursday morning…



NHC Advisory – Tropical Storm Odile


One thing to note is that, while Odile is in a much weakened state, it will be reentering the warm waters of the Gulf of California where it could strengthen briefly again, before making crossing over onto land again across the northwest coastal regions of Mexico then heading for southern Arizona.  Now I don’t expect this to strengthen back into a hurricane while over the Gulf of California, but it could maintain solid tropical storm strength over the next 10-12 hours.

You can see what remains of a much weakened Tropical Storm Odile in this satellite image…


Satellite Image of Odile


With any tropical system comes an abundance of moisture. Tropical Storm Odile is no different as this system will be delivering plenty of rainfall across the Southwest US, for some spots, this will be a second and third round of heavy rainfall.

Here is a look at projected rainfall amounts through Sunday afternoon… As you can see, some lofty rainfall amounts are likely from all the moisture produced from Odile. Some 5″+ amounts are very possible by the weekend across areas of the Southwest in the path of Odile’s remnants.


Total Accumulated Precipitation through Sunday afternoon – Graphic Courtesy Levi Cowan/


Well, that concludes a quick update that I wanted to get out. While Odile is losing steam, there still some “juice” left in its tank and some areas will be dealing with heavy rainfall, especially southern Arizona, as we head through the remainder of the week and into the weekend.

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Wanda Hendrickson

September 17, 2014 at 9:30 pm

Tropical storms are still nothing to sneeze at. Terrific article, John! Thanks for posting it.

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