The Weather Week Ahead – 11/3 to 11/9/2014

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The Weather Week Ahead – 11/3 to 11/9/2014

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As we wrap up our first snow maker of the season across parts of the eastern US, things appear to calm down a bit, at least for the immediate future as we head into next week.

Here is a look at the current warnings/watches/advisories map of the US as of shortly after noon… Freeze Warnings up for northern Georgia and across the Mid-Atlantic while Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories remain in effect across much of Maine as snows continue to fall as the low pressure continues to move away from Maine.

The big winner of this preseason snow maker goes to Mt. LeConte, TN in the Smoky Mountains that amassed a lofty 22″ of snow.


Watch/Warnings via NOAA


Current temperature readings across the region… You can see the impressive low off the coast of New England that is responsible for this weekend’s snow action across the interior Mid-Atlantic and across parts of New England.


Current Temperature Readings

As we march forward into next week, temperatures across the eastern US will continue their below average trends while temperatures across the western and central US are expected to be above normal and in some spots, well above normal for this time of the year. A cold front is expected to move through Texas late Monday into Tuesday, bring a chance for showers and thunderstorms through the day on Tuesday. This will also bring some cooler temperatures across the region.

Here is a look at how far above and below normal temperatures are likely to be across the nation as we head through next week. Notice the western and central US is flooded with reds and oranges which suggests temperatures will be above to well above normal across the regions. On the contrary, much of the eastern US is likely to see a continued cool down over throughout the week. And as mentioned, even parts of the southeast US are expected to be greeted with cooler air as an early week cold front is expected to bring some marginally stormy weather across the area.


5-Day Temperature Anomalies – Coutesy of WxBell


A look at rainfall amounts across the nation over the next 5-7 days verifies some good amounts of precipitation across the southern states where several areas could pick up anywhere from around 2.5″ to 3.5″ through the week. Upper New England will see a good deal of ground-precip, mainly from the snow maker blanketing the region along with snow melt throughout the week.


5-7 Day Rainfall Totals (QPF) via HPC


Looking at the potential for severe weather through next week, and chances look very marginal at this point. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a “marginal” outlook for unsettled weather across parts of northwest Texas and a non-formal risk for showers and storms across the southern Plains  Monday and Monday evening. This unsettled pattern will progress ESE across the remainder of Texas and could bring additional showers and a few storms through Tuesday.


SPC Day 2 Outlook for Monday via SPC


I tried to keep this outlook as brief, simple and comprehensive as I could. The idea of these outlooks will be to simplify and ease your planning for the week ahead. Yes, you could easily turn on your smartphone and look at the “junk” weather app on your phone, but the difference here is that this outlook was put together with human influence and who has an understanding of the atmosphere and how it works. Most mobile apps work off an algorithm which takes all of the computer forecast models, computes them as if they behaved the same (they do not in the slightest) and spits out an average of all of these models, essentially a garbage number. This is where folks become irritates when they look at the weather on their mobile device when its raining and their “junk” weather app is calling for sunny conditions. While I can assure you I have been wrong and will be wrong again, these outlooks are and will be put together with the mind of a human, not a machine… Stay safe, stay well and enjoy the week…

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