Major Storm System In Bering Sea To Impact Alaska This Weekend, Bring Arctic Air to the US Next Week.

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Major Storm System In Bering Sea To Impact Alaska This Weekend, Bring Arctic Air to the US Next Week.

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By now, you’ve heard of the major storm system developing in the north Pacific from the remnants of once Super Typhoon Nuri. You may have heard the term “Bering bomb” from Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. Let me explain briefly explain this… Bering Bomb, although, thought to be catchy, simply means the low pressure center will “bomb out” or undergo “bombogenesis”. When a low pressure center goes from a pressure reading of say, 990 mb down to 940 mb in a matter of 24 hours, this massive drop in pressure in such a short time is what is referred to as the low “bombing out” which is where the Twitter trend “Bering bomb” is originating. When the pressure drops within such a storm system, this indicates an incredible strengthening within the storm.

THE STORM: The storm system set to impact the Aleutian Islands, the chain of islands off the southwest coast of Alaska, is entering the Bering Sea and beginning to undergo its bomb out, where the system begins to strengthen…

RECENT DATA:  Shemya, AK… Peak gust: 97 mph. Peak sustained wind: 70 mph


As the system intensifies over the next 24 hours across the Bering Sea, this will spell major concerns for the Aleutian Islands and parts of Alaska. The Aleutian Islands will be dealing with hurricane force winds and wave heights in the 40-50 ft range. Here is a graphic summing up this event via @NWSAlaska…


Courtesy @NWSAlaska


MODEL MADNESS: The GFS (American), European and Canadian computer forecast models are in very strong agreement for this storm to undergo a powerful bombogensis… The GFS and Canadian forecast models place the storm system in the west Aleutian Islands overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning with 929 mb reading. European model guidance has the same placement but a bit slower at around pre-dawn tomorrow with a 926 mb reading. For these global forecast models to be within 3 mb’s of each other is pretty incredible and illustrates high confidence levels in the behavior of this storm system.

As mentioned, the powerful storm system will cause major concerns across the Aleutian Islands with hurricane force winds and wave heights between 40-50 ft possible.

Here is model data illustrating projected wave heights across the Aleutian Islands by early Saturday morning… Note the faint pinkish-red near the center of the north Pacific. These suggest waves of 40-50 ft… Now if the storm strengthens even further, wave heights of 60 ft are possible.

wave heights sat AM

Courtesy of WxBell Analytics


Here is the same forecast model, projected out to overnight Sunday into Monday… Much of the Aleutian Islands could see 20-30 ft waves…

wave heights late sun

Courtesy of WxBell Analytics


This storm system will also have impacts across mainland Alaska, especially the west half of the state…

IMPACTS TO THE US: As I stated yesterday, this storm system will also have implication on weather across the US as we head through next week. This is likely to be such a powerful system that it will have a tremendous impact on our jet stream. Once this storm system heads north out of the Bering Sea, it will cause the jet stream over the US to become displaced and cause a major dip in it. This dip in the jet stream will sequentially allow cold, Arctic air to nose dive into much of the central and eastern US over the course of next week. This will also open the door for potential snow across parts of the central and eastern US. Any snow chances will be discussed in a later article.

Temperature Anomalies by next Friday… this illustrates how far below normal temperatures will be for this time of the year. Some areas could be seeing record challenging cold air for this time of the year, NOT record challenging cold temperatures, just for this time of the year, please understand the difference there…


Courtesy of


Our coldest air of the year is set to take center stage… be sure to bundle up and stay tuned for the latest…

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