Dec 13

Winter Storm Threat This Weekend; Ice Storm Possible in Some Areas

As I noted in my winter forecast and across many posts on social media, December would be a transitional month as we shift into a more volatile weather pattern favoring a more active storm path and increase bouts of colder air. Nearly two weeks into December, and that idea has come to fruition. As we head into this upcoming weekend, a new winter storm threat is appearing more likely to develop. Early on, it appears that this storm threat could impact the Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast US.

Now, unfortunately, for snow lovers, this will not be an “all-snow” event, as those across the warmer sector of the storm system could see rain or even a good dose of ice, depending on where boundary between air masses sets up. We note that, although there are still many questions regarding the timing, magnitude and the exact nature of the setup, overall, we could also be looking at an ice threat anywhere from the Ohio Valley to the Southeast.

Here is what the GFS (American) and CMC (Canadian) models are painting for this scenario, and while the GFS remains modest with ice implications, the CMC is very robust in its ice output. Still, plenty of time to sort things out… but just keep this in the back of your mind moving forward… more updates to come on this.

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